About Us

Krasowitz Clothing evolved out of my work as a painter and printmaker.  Originally I began painting clothes for Opera costumes.  This involved hand painting garments that were store bought.  I continue to hand paint individual pieces which are for sale here or can be created on a commission basis.  Each of these pieces is a unique work of art.

I have also been translating my drawings and prints onto garments using the dye sublimation process.  These pieces are created as limited edition.

I also have teamed up with PAOM (print all over me) a website that creates my artwork onto their clothing designs.  This excellent company offers very high quality and excellent printing of the fabrics as well as the construction of each piece.

My painting can be seen at www.krasowitz.com .  An alternate site to see my art clothing is www.krasowitzclothing.com . I can be found on instagram at #krasowitz .